Building systems management and maintenance

We have many years of experience in the management and maintenance of buildings and systems, accrued while operating in highly technological environments

Machinery maintenance

This is the expertise you can count on for your management and maintenance operations, whether they are:

  • preventive
  • scheduled
  • extraordinary
  • for individual repairs as needed

we provide services for all types of plants and equipment. We call in specialists to assist in particular situations, such as in companies that build equipment for power generation or for the treatment of vector fluids.

The essential starting point is to map out the perimeter of the plant that is the object of the operation. This is a necessary first step for drafting a tree diagram of the building and laying out a plan for management and maintenance operations using special computer applications.

Another group of services we offer consists of monitoring, optimising and keeping records of usage for principal utilities.

The principal types of plants and systems we work with are:

  • climate control systems (heat and air-conditioning)
  • water systems
  • compressed air systems
  • electrical systems, including emergency systems and fail-safe systems
  • systems for the transmission of voice signals and data
  • lifting equipment
  • fire systems and fire-fighting equipment
  • systems for security and the protection of property (intruder alert systems, PA systems, etc.)
  • systems for the use of engineered or medical gases
  • Building Management Systems