Technical Cleaning

Technical Cleaning of Industrial Systems


Technical Cleaning in large industrial plants: this is our speciality, and it allows us to act, for all intents and purposes, as a partner within various types of facilities:

  • agro-food
  • automotive
  • chemical and pharmaceutical
  • logistics and warehousing
  • mechanical and metallurgical
  • cement productiono

All of our technical cleaning is carried out according to a tailored project custom-designed based on the following criteria:

  • specific characteristics of the plant and its operations
  • maximum flexibility of timetables, in order to adapt to any sort of production requirements
  • complete cooperation with the customer company’s management team and personnel
  • operational organisation with a team created ad hoc for each specific project
  • our personnel’s ongoing training and updating

Gli interventi vengono pianificati ciclicamente, sia nei giorni lavorativi sia nei momenti di fermo produttivo, con un requisito fondamentale:
non interferire con le attività e i processi produttivi

Cleaning operations are scheduled cyclically, on either working days or during production stoppages, based on one fundamental requirement: that they do not interfere with production processes or operations.

Service contracts are set up for the customer and they evolve, through the introduction of improvements and amendments, as our relationship progresses:

  • strong contract governance, provided in resident mode by highly qualified technicians, who can be reached 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • periodic reports on the progress of the contract
  • constant monitoring of plants and equipment
  • adjustments to cleaning programmes based on studies conducted and agreed upon with the customer
  • constant environmental and health risk assessment
  • technical tests of new products to assess their operational efficiency within the plant

Our specialisation in industrial technical cleaning makes it possible for us to provide design consultations to help determine the location for and construct plants.

The simplification and expediting of technical cleaning operations can become a way to cut spending and improve efficiency:

  • lower maintenance costs
  • fewer and shorter production stoppages