Engineering of technical cleaning services

Particulates, grease, rust, production waste and other surface contaminants can create production problems, and may even have serious consequences such as loss of functionality or product recalls.

Contaminants in paint cycles can have financial impacts and affect quality. It is therefore essential to analyse their causes and put precautionary measures in place to prevent these defects from occurring.

Our experience in the technical cleaning of industrial production lines and systems enables us to take charge of the process starting from its preliminary and design stages, by studying the defects and the contaminants in paintwork.

What service do we provide? We:

  • design technical cleaning systems and processes based on the specific details of your production facility
  • prevent contamination during the preliminary stages
  • measure and validate the quality of the service using cleanliness metrics and indicators
  • manage and control technical cleaning processes
  • analyse, select and inspect cleaning agents and solvents
  • update and monitor cleaning technologies (traditional, laser, chemical, ultrasonic, megasonic)
  • monitor and measure the results of the cleaning process