Waste management

Management of Waste Separation Areas

We offer complete support for the management of waste generated by production cycles, fulfilling all customer needs.

We guarantee a service based on these stages:

  • waste characterisation;
  • search for and selection of a disposal facility;
  • assessment of economic criteria and reliability, reserving preference for facilities offering waste recovery or final disposal.

This procedure allows us to set and monitor the amounts taken for recovery and those sent for disposal. It is an essential procedure if we are to be able to put forward new solutions to give the production cycle a lower environmental impact.

The real advantage for our customers lies in having a single partner that can handle all of the operations – logistics, administration and control – associated with the waste disposal cycle. All of this is provided with utmost transparency and total legality.

Waste disposal logistics

We arrange for waste disposal with specialised plants and transportation companies.


We offer support on a daily basis. We prepare all necessary documentation (forms, SISTRI [Italy’s Waste Traceability System], updating registers) and handle relations with regulators (Regional Environmental Protection Agencies, Provincial Authorities, the Chamber of Commerce, etc.).


Managing the waste disposal cycle

We handle the entire cycle of management and brokerage of waste from production activities: the facilities, platforms, collection and transportation

  • Waste classification with attribution of EWC codes and chemical and physical analyses
  • Selective collection directly from individual stages of the production process
  • Volumetric reduction, transportation to and storage in homogeneous lots in specific waste separation areas, waste securing and containment.
  • Handling administrative requirements associated with authorisations and with ordinary management procedures (forms, registers and SISTRI)
  • Shipment to selected and reliable disposal companies
  • Remediation; cyclical and extraordinary technical cleaning operations
  • Preparation of Environmental Declaration Forms (MUD)
  • Management of water treatment plants and systems
  • Design and construction of complete waste separation areas and management of wastewater treatment plants in keeping with evolving regulations.

Iscot is registered with the Piedmont Regional Chapter of the National Register of Environmental Management Operators for hazardous and non-hazardous waste brokerage. (Register Number TO16620).