Dynamic Service

We have developed a highly successful service model for enterprises involved in industrial production, combining a lean-services approach with best practices from the automotive sector.

Dynamic Service is the most advanced model for the provision of specialised technical services for industrial plants and systems.

Our Process Engineering service is utterly dedicated and is set up on-site at the customer’s plant. It uses World Class Manufacturing methods and focuses on key factors that determine its level of effectiveness and the efficiency of the service provided.

For each key factor, the model establishes:

  • performance indicators for monitoring
  • tools to be used for analysis
  • for optimization

Throughout this process, the model never neglects to take into account the cost variable, which is maintained at a competitive level thanks to the ongoing implementation of savings activities.

Our model can be put in charge of planning operations, to best take advantage of every opportunity for rationalization. The growth and development of our human resources is ensured by the activities of the Iscot Training Center, which aims to create personnel capable of governance, with technical and managerial skills.