Lean service

For over 30 years we have been working on the product lines of some of the world’s largest industrial enterprises.

It is in working with them that we came to understand the importance and effectiveness of adopting service models based on what were originally known as principles of lean manufacturing.

Today, each of our customers has adopted its own model. We believe that the principles of lean manufacturing are as important and effective in the services sector as they are in the field of manufacturing.

We are constantly designing, testing and implementing complex high frequency activity cycles that are subject to a multitude of variables and decisions on the part of our personnel and management staff. All this provides an ideal context for promoting a lean approach, which creates a crucial difference in terms of quality and value with respect to traditional approaches.

We are convinced that, in our field, the application of the practical and theoretical tools that are part of the lean approach is fundamental and highly effective. The lean approach helps us to standardise processes and eliminate errors, downtime and unnecessary repetitions, while at the same time increasing the efficiency of our services and improving communications and the satisfaction of both our personnel and our customers.

When presenting our services to potential customers, we show them what it means to adopt a lean philosophy, and what an enormous difference it makes in terms of quality and value in comparison with traditional approaches.

The efficiency of a lean approach is particularly evident when customers turn to us for the redesigning of services previously provided to them by companies that used traditional approaches. Our project is built around the customer’s specific needs and, once implemented, ensures consistent, measurable results and high quality, which often lead to significant financial savings.