Management Model

Control System pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 and the Code of Ethics

As part of its Organisational Model, which contains all of the rules, procedures and organisational infrastructure whose purpose is to allow for the identification, measurement, management and monitoring of the Company’s main risks, Iscot is equipped with an internal control system and a risk management system.

The operational and policy guidelines for the internal control system and the risk management system have been determined by the Company’s Board of Directors, with the assistance of the Supervisory Board.

The Code of Ethics is the tool that defines the ethical values and responsibilities of the Iscot Group.

The Code of Ethics also identifies the rules of conduct that must provide guidance for management and for managing the Company’s internal and external relations. Compliance with the Code of Ethics furthermore makes it possible to prevent the risk of crimes under Legislative Decree 231/2001 being committed in the context of the specific activities we perform. Compliance with the content of the Code of Ethics on the part of all those who work for Iscot is of fundamental importance for the proper operation, reliability and reputation of the Group.

Our Model includes specific mechanisms for reporting problems relating to ethical conduct and compliance with the regulations set forth in L.D. 231/2001. Anyone concerned can report to the Supervisory Board a breach or suspected breach of the Code of Ethics or of the principles of control laid down in the Model itself using the following email:

Whistleblowing report

In compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 24/2023 and by the Organization and control model pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231 of 2001, Iscot has adopted a reporting management system (whistleblowing reports) which allows us to manage the reports received.
These are reports concerning behaviors, put in place by Iscot employees or collaborators, in violation of the Code of Ethics, laws, regulations, provisions of the Authorities, Model 231, in any case capable of causing damage or prejudice to Iscot. The results of the investigation conducted by the Iscot Compliance Office on the reported cases are submitted to the attention of the internal bodies competent for the management of the reports, the Board of Statutory Auditors, as well as, for the reports of their respective competence, the Supervisory Body and the top management of Iscot. The confidentiality of the subjects and facts reported is guaranteed.

A detailed disclosure describing Who can report, What can be reported and How to report can be downloaded from the following link:

Access the whistleblowing report form