Safety & the Environment

Safety and Certifications


Iscot has developed its operational model as part of an Integrated System (Quality, Environment and Safety), organised in such a way as to maintain control over all those operational processes which could have an impact on quality of service, from a perspective of constant improvement and attention to our customers’ needs.


Environmental sustainability


We subscribe to Confindustria’s Charter of Environmental Sustainability Principles, whose values and objectives we support and promote.

The achievement of short-, medium- and long-term environmental sustainability objectives
We set environmental protection as an integral part of our company activity and growth path.

The adoption of a preventive approach
We assess the impact of activities, products and services to manage their environmental aspects according to a preventive approach and we promote the use of the best available technologies.

The efficient use of natural resources
We promote the efficient use of natural resources, with particular attention to the rational management of water and energy resources.

Control and reduction of environmental impacts
We control and, where possible, we reduce emissions into the air, water and soil; we work to achieve further reduction of waste production and more efficient waste management, preferring recovery and reuse over disposal; we take steps to limit the effects of industrial activities on climate change; we promote the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems.

The central role of innovative technologies
We invest in research, development and innovation to develop processes, products and services which have increasingly limited environmental impacts.

Responsible management of services
We promote responsible management of our services throughout the entire life cycle, to improve performance and reduce environmental impact.

Responsible management of the supply chain
We promote the preservation of the environment in the management of the supply chain by involving suppliers, customers and stakeholders as primary actors in their own sustainability policies.

Awareness and training
We promote activities to inform, raise awareness and train our personnel, so as to involve the company and its organisation in implementing our own environmental policies.