Surveillance and security

Our services include:

  • Security posted on access doors on shifts requested by the customer
  • Verifying ownership information of authorised vehicles at the entrance
  • Weighing goods, on request, when they enter and leave the premises
  • Welcoming visitors and suppliers with identification and announcement of arrival
  • Pick-up and sorting of post from and to the post office, as well as delivery of internal post
  • Checking visitors’ IDs and paperwork and issuing visitor access passes
  • Internal and external night-time security patrols
  • 24-hour monitoring of alarm repeater systems, automatic fire systems and smoke detectors
  • Regularly scheduled on-site preventive inspections, fire-extinguisher checks, systems checks, fire-hose efficiency checks
  • Keeping and filling out the required logs
  • Switchboard and concierge services

All staff appointed to perform these services have been trained for their specific activities and are highly reliable and trustworthy.