Integrated services

Synergy and economies of scale, put into practice

Our aim is to create added value through the integration of services normally provided separately by different companies.

The benefit to our customers is threefold:

  • because we see the whole picture, we can plan our operations in such a way as to optimise timeframes and operational procedures, all to the benefit of our customer companies’ production cycles
  • a single point of reference and a single cost centre means fewer contacts
  • to manage, with streamlined responses and administrative procedures
    an overall cost lower than the sum costs of the same services provided by different companies

The advantages of an integrated service model include:

  • Engineered services
  • Optimisation and planning
  • Project management
  • Managing stakeholders and feedback for improvement
  • Managing integrations and interactions
  • Management model for integrations
  • Economy of scale and the high quality that come with integrated services