Our Model

We aim to create long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers.

To attain this goal, we have built an operational model based on a flexible and innovative approach to service.
Our aim is to continue to achieve high value for the entire term of our contracts.

How we are organised

We are organised into operational service units, each handling a specific service, so as to make the most of operational expertise and maximise efficiency.

At the head of each service unit is a specialised manager, who receives support from back-office departments and shared service departments, and whose task is to circulate information and best practices and to provide support for operational units based with customers off-site.

This model allows field manages to concentrate on directly providing quality services and makes it possible for them to rapidly respond to any requests for change on the part of customers.

Accountability e KPI

Operations management, performance analysis and reporting, all within one multi-channel information system (web, mobile, EDI) that we share with our customers, who are able to monitor the progress and quality of services provided.

The measurement of service level using KPIs is an operational element that can be contractually formalised, and can incorporate financial incentives and penalties based on quality levels attained.

Benefits for our customers

  • Experience with safety procedures
  • A reduction in overall service costs
  • Focus on output quality
  • Flexible and adaptable solutions
  • Our personnel are characterised by their active participation and desire for ongoing improvement
  • Compliance with environmental regulations