CO2 CryoBlasting and HydroBlasting

A technology that stands out for its low environmental impact, due to the absence of solvents and waste products that require disposal



Cryogenic applications of CO2 (CO2 Cryo-blasting or dry-ice blasting) are economical and efficient technical cleaning processes that are environmentally friendly and devoid of adverse effects.

The procedure consists of propelling a stream of frozen CO2 particles onto the surface to be cleaned, using a special nozzle.

The particles of ice, which are travelling at extremely high speeds when they reach their destination, have a temperature of -70° C. The combined effect of the thermal shock and the kinetic energy causes mini-explosions of the particles, which thus lift and remove contaminants without causing abrasion to the underlying material.

This cleaning method:

  • is neither abrasive nor flammable, nor does it conduct electricity
  • is environmentally sustainable
  • does not contain solvents or secondary contaminants
  • is extraordinarily clean, and can be used in the food industry
  • allows for the on-site cleaning of systems, lines or equipment, with no dismantling necessary
  • can be used without damaging electrical systems or mechanical parts
  • can be perfectly calibrated to suit the intensity of the contaminant


050_pul_tecniche_400This cleaning method is based on the use of extremely high-pressure pumps (up to 2500 Bar) which make use of the kinetic energy of water jets produced by volumetric motorised pump units.

These jets of water are employed for clearing blockages, for descaling and for the high-pressure water cleaning of:

– painting booths and platforms for painting booths within industrial painting systems
– painting booth water recirculation tanks
– skids and industrial equipment
– cataphoretic bonding tanks inside industrial painting systems